Introducing OpsAdmin: Your Ultimate Solution for Retail Energy Suppliers

OpsAdmin is an online software application designed to streamline operations for retail energy suppliers with a suite of marketing, operational, and regulatory tools. Built with compliance and efficiency in mind, OpsAdmin bridges the gaps in most retail billing and CRM systems.

Enhance Your Marketing & Sales with Customer-Facing Tools

Enrollment Wizard
Manage enrollments seamlessly across multiple brands and jurisdictions with OpsAdmin’s Enrollment Wizard. Our system’s market configurations power a user-friendly and utility-specific customer enrollment journey.

– Zip code search wizard entry
– API integration with supplier billing/EDI system
– Dual enrollment – power and gas
– Version-controlled document display
– Market-specific customer authorization prompts

Customer Self-Service (My Account)
Empower your customers with the My Account tool, enabling them to access and renew their accounts online. Integrate usage and billing data via API or file transfer for seamless service.

– English / Spanish Toggle
– View/Pay Bills
– Set-up Autopay for Credit Card or ACH
– View Electric and/or Gas Usage
– View/Download Contract Documents
– Renewal Alerts and Renewals

Boost Operational Efficiency with Automation Tools

Dynamic Content Manager and Integrated Version Control
OpsAdmin’s Dynamic Documents and Autoresponders let you modify important documents or email templates from a central source. Perfect for updating online rates or maintaining compliance with customer disclosure and marketing rules.

Automated Notice Generation, Fulfillment, and Tracking
Driven by market and utility-level configurations, OpsAdmin automates notice generation based on specific regulatory rules. Track and manage the fulfillment of:

– Welcome Letters and Emails
– Contract Expiration Notices
– Deposit Requests
– Contract Attachments
– Service Termination Notices
– Service Start Date Emails
– Early Termination Fee Invoices
– Enrollment Reject Notices
– Terms of Service, Contract Summaries, etc.
– Collection Notices

OpsAdmin is here to drive your retail energy business into the future with unmatched efficiency and compliance. Discover the power of seamless operations with OpsAdmin today!