Stormcrest has been developing its core software, OpsAdmin, for over a decade. However, in 2017, the company ventured into a new and uncharted market with the creation of the Master of Wills game brand. This patented, unique tug-of-war style gaming experience started as a cyberpunk board game and evolved into an expansive universe with six Faction expansions and a digital game available on Android, iOS, and Steam. Building on this success, Stormcrest introduced Thornraver, a more advanced, Risk-style game designed for hardcore gamers. The third installment, Resequence, is set to be the fastest-paced and simplest game in the trilogy, though it is currently unreleased. This innovative journey has also led to a potential series or movie and the release of the Hollowfall book series, available on Amazon. What’s next? The innovations are just beginning!


Echo Strike is an international band redefining the music scene with their genre-blending sound. Their journey, spanning years and continents, led to their 2020 breakthrough album, *Not Inside Your Mind*. Merging sonic rock, indie pop, and electro-funk, Echo Strike offers a universal appeal.

Founded by Randy Van Gelder, Beau Newlin, and Jonathan Broussard, Echo Strike debuted with *Honest Lies* in 2019, praised for its creative freedom and human songwriting. To expand their sound, Randy added Argentinean talents Homer, Zeta, John, and Angel. Despite being stranded in Argentina during the 2020 lockdown, they crafted their second album remotely, achieving massive streaming success.

With albums like *Dirty, Clean, Sexy, Mean* and *Can’t Do Anything Right*, Echo Strike showcased their versatility. Their upcoming album, *Wonderland*, will explore electronic music, blending eras with their unique sound.

Dedicated to genuine connections over fame, Echo Strike’s heartfelt anthems resonate deeply. Their future is bright, and their journey promises more extraordinary destinations.