Mariano Brandolini – Web Developer Portfolio

As a seasoned web developer with over 10 years of experience, I specialize in creating dynamic, user-friendly websites using WordPress and Shopify. My work spans various industries, demonstrating my versatility and commitment to delivering high-quality web solutions. Below is a selection of projects that showcase my skills and expertise.

Software Company
Stormcrest is the corporate site for the company Stormcrest. The site serves as a hub for company information, product releases, and news. I focused on creating a professional yet approachable design that aligns with the company’s brand identity.
Software Development
OPS Admin is a comprehensive administration platform. My task was to design a functional and intuitive interface that facilitates ease of use. The site integrates various administrative tools, providing a robust solution for business management.
NgandE Energy Suppliers
National Gas & Electric is one of America’s fastest growing retail suppliers of electricity and natural gas. I aimed to create a welcoming online presence that reflects the community’s values and offerings, incorporating user-friendly navigation and informative content.
Music Project
Echo Strike is a site dedicated to a high-energy music band. I designed the site to reflect the band’s dynamic and modern style, featuring multimedia content, tour information, and an integrated e-commerce platform for merchandise sales.
Board and Digital Games
Master of Wills is an engaging and visually striking website for a strategic board game. I developed this site to provide a seamless user experience, integrating detailed game information, news, and an online store for game-related merchandise.
Shopify eCommerce
This Shopify-based site for Stormcrest Games showcases an extensive range of gaming products. I implemented custom themes and plugins to ensure a user-friendly shopping experience, optimizing the site for performance and conversion.
Gameboard Project
The Thornraver site features rich graphics and interactive elements. I focused on creating an immersive experience for users, enhancing engagement through smooth navigation and compelling visuals.
Gameboard Project
Resequence Game is a website for a sci-fi themed puzzle game. My role involved designing a site that reflects the futuristic and mysterious nature of the game. Key features include a sleek interface and promotional content.
Cec Emergencias
CECEmergencias is a local emergency response service website. I focused on creating a highly functional and accessible site that provides critical information and services to users. The design ensures ease of navigation and quick access to emergency contact details.
Samu Emergencias
SAMUEmergencias is another local emergency response service. Similar to CECEmergencias, this site needed to be reliable and user-friendly. I ensured the site is optimized for speed and mobile use, offering essential services and information in an intuitive format.


My diverse portfolio demonstrates my ability to adapt to different project requirements and deliver exceptional results. I am passionate about using my skills to create websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and user-centric. I look forward to bringing my expertise to new and exciting projects.